Versatile Blogger Award (x2)

Hi fellow humans!

So I discovered something pretty exciting, which is (in case you didn’t guess from the title), I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Awardtwice! 

versitle-blogger-bwThanks to NIDHIVERMA1609 and here’s the blog link to Hallucinations of An Angel if you want to go check it out : and then I also later found out that I was nominated by Natasha from who has lots of amazing posts too – love the food 🙂

Now I wasn’t entirely sure what to write for the next part but here’s 7 things about me that’ll hopefully be somewhat interesting…

  1. I’m human (in case you didn’t guess) – though Plue the robot also helps out alot.
  2. I love desserts, well actually food in general is awesome!
  3. I’m sure many of us have been asked before Dogs or Cats? Personally I have a dog and a cat who are both awesome so I can’t choose between them. Hmmm I love lots of animals really but I guess I might prefer dogs a bit more in general – don’t kill me for this all the cat lovers out there, I still love cats too 😛
  4. I’ve kind of always wanted to try Parkour. If you haven’t heard of it before go check it out!
  5. I’m one of those odd people who don’t seem to get scared watching horror movies.
  6. Well you probably already know this but I enjoy creating sketches, actually I enjoy doing many different arty things such as painting and more detailed drawings but creating sketches is something that I probably find the most fun!
  7. I once tried making hot chocolate in the microwave… and it exploded. Don’t worry too much though since then that’s never happened again (the exploding that is, I still drink plenty of hot chocolate). 

Here’s some blogs that i’m nominating, (you can only choose 15 bloggers, though in reality i’m sure we all know how there’s so many awesome blogs out there who deserve this). 

1. —> Found them through a post combining dogs and Star Wars!

2. —> Nice little drawings about food and life such as the Cream Puff Pie Watercolour and the recent white snow owl 🙂

3. —> Interesting thoughts and a self proclaimed procrastinator.

4. —> There’s a post called: Cookies and Milk: A Match Made to Destroy Your Dreams. Enough said. 

5. —> Mainly a music blog, though there’s also lots of other material. 

6. —> Fellow ice-cream lover.

7. —> They did a sketch of Mario and hopefully soon one of Luigi … we wouldn’t want Luigi to feel left out 😉

8. —> A beginning drawer and she also writes stories. 

9. —> There’s lots (seriously lots) of cool posts to check out!

10. —> Plenty of randomness to browse.

11. —>All sorts of artwork creations. 

12. —> The blog is called stuff and nonsense but there’s actually amazing artworks here.

13. —> I think the title tells it all.

14. —> Yay, dogs! Cute photos here. 

15. —> They just got up to Z on their A to Z challenge.

Wow this took a while to write. Thanks for reading and good luck to all those nominated and to everyone in general for all your blogging ventures. 

Just A Fellow Human,


Versatile Blogger Award (x2)

My Best Friend The Pillow

Hi everyone, thanks to all of you who have decided to become fellow humans and listen to these random rants and hello to any new humans reading this.

So this morning I woke up and truth be told I just decided to waste half of my day lying in bed. As we all know on the amazing day of the week that is a Sunday, all of our grand ambitions seem to take a side step to the want of simply doing nothing.

That’s not to say that we don’t have anything that needs to be done. I have a fair few tasks which I suppose I will need to make a start on later today, but up till now I have been far too busy enjoying one of our best friends; the pillow. In fact sundays like this seem to be a recurring occasion and can easily leave us in a last minute scramble on Monday morning.

My best advice for the moment I suppose would simply be to get all this laziness out now i.e. we can spend all those hours surfing the web and clicking on endless recommended links so that hopefully we’ll all be a tad more productive in the coming week(disclosure – may not be best to actually take this advice). Though if you have some better ideas please feel free to comment below, it would be hard to make it worse than this advice.

Just a warning, in my errant web browsing and searches using our popular friend Google, I made the unfortunate mistake of typing in ‘lazy sundays’ which lead to a mildly disturbing graphic to say the least. In other words don’t got there. Seriously just don’t.

Also, stay tuned for another quick sketch later today, i’ve been finding it surprisingly fun, as I am sure many other drawers out there would know to turn some of these random thoughts into a picture.

Just a fellow human,


My Best Friend The Pillow