So any twins out there? / Day time TV rants

Hi fellow humans!

Today I flicked on the TV during lunch, though there wasn’t much on considering this was around midday. Yes of course one of our typical day-time TV problems. The only choices I really had were commercials – yay vacuum cleaners, or some random show about twins.

Well looking back now I suppose I could have just watched something online, or gone through my collection and chosen a tv show (supernatural!) or movie… but I didn’t. Any other supernatural fans out there? Well this may have gotten a tad off topic, but while we’re here what are some shows that you’d recommend?

Ok so back on point… now of those two options (commercial or random twins show) i’m sure we can all guess what’s better. Whilst the show (I never actually checked what it’s name was) wouldn’t be the type to put on any of our top lists and wasn’t superbly intellectual, it did lead me to thinking about twins.

Do twins really have some kind of magical connection? From the people who are twins that I know I haven’t seen any mystical powers yet, though that would be utterly awesome. So for now i’ll sadly say probably not. Though they do seem to have a fairly good understanding of each other… most of the time. 

Also would we really want to be twins? I’m sure at some points it would be fun (switching places for a day, pranking) but would it also be weird having someone who looks so similar, hmmm not so sure on this one.

Anyway, thanks for reading and i’d love to hear what all you fellow humans have to say about any of this! Including any evil twin pranks (or pranks in general) that you’ve come up with – or done in the past.

Just A Fellow Human,


So any twins out there? / Day time TV rants

5 thoughts on “So any twins out there? / Day time TV rants

  1. Not really a prank, but I felt like was fooled by this experience 😀

    Summer 2010: I was in a summer job where I met (or saw, coz we never talked) Kuya Santi. When I went to college, I saw him.

    I was wondering how he became chubby all of a sudden considering the fact that I went to college right after my job finished.

    Then came the introduction part and I was like, “Gosh, they’re twins!” (Only in my mind)

    His name is Sandino, but we call him Kuya Sandi (See, even the name rhymes :D)

    Haha. Another fact: Kuya Santi was in second year that time so we see him most of the time. Which gave me the chance to know their differences.

    Note: Kuya means big/older brother/guy friend

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      1. I can’t remember telling them, but I guess I did. After a while, I wasn’t confused anymore. Kuya Sandy (the one who became my classmate) is a little bit chubby while Kuya Santi is kinda slim. Also, kuya sandy has a dimple, while the other one doesn’t have. But their voice and the way they talk is really similar. haha.


  2. Identical twin here, my sister and I never looked much alike so no pranks, but a set of twins we knew growing up would switch places in the first grade. The savvy one deliberately picked the day of a math test to switch places.. so her sister had to write a test while she was jamming out in her sister’s music class. As for mystical connections, not in my case. The best way I’d describe it is to think of how well you know your siblings if you have any, and then factor in being the exact same age, growing up in the exact same environment, and then going through pretty much the exact same experience at the same time. You’d probably have a *pretty* good understanding of your twin.


  3. kungfunaomi says:

    People ask my sister and I if we are twins sometimes, (we do NOT look like twins) and I’m like “NOOOOOO!!!!!”
    Being a twin would mean unless people knew you well they’d constantly be mistaking you for your twin.


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