Our Crazy Thoughts

Hi fellow humans!

Recently my brains been in a muddle. You know there are things to do, you do them… or at least some of them but something always seems to come up. That got me to thinking, so who are we? What makes us do the things we do?

Of course this thought was one of my many random rambles in my head so it didn’t really go anywhere at the time. That is, until I stumbled upon this quote the other day: “Mentality is controlled by not the human, but by what the human brain perceives from the life around its mind. And then it becomes a habit, and the habit becomes a person.” Which got me to thinking how our every little action in a way makes us who we are.

To be honest, the thought is a little scary and for a while I seemed to analyse nearly every little thing I did that day. Just in case you’re wondering that’s probably not the best of ideas unless you feel like overthinking half of your actions… such as whether lying in bed for an extra hour makes you super lazy, what books you read, what flavour food to pick, how you respond to others… the list goes on with pretty much every action. At one point it got ridiculous when I was choosing which way to go when I went for a walk and what flavour ice-cream to eat (I ended up having a bit of both :P).

Yeah that day might have been a little crazy.

Anyway, we all have different thoughts about who we are and i’m definitely not saying any thoughts are right or wrong. If you want to share about any thoughts you’ve had, or just any crazy days you’ve experienced then please say so below 🙂 Haha by the way sorry if that was a bit crazy to read, though hopefully these rambles are somewhat interesting!

Just A Fellow Human,


Our Crazy Thoughts

6 thoughts on “Our Crazy Thoughts

  1. What a great post. You got me thinking about religion, and how it’s all a pattern of trained habits, whether you train yourself or grow up in it, whatever. I recently exited orthodoxy in the religion I was born into, not entirely because I was disillusioned (well yes, there was that) but largely because I have OCD and went totally nuts checking and checking and checking to make sure I was doing things the right way…. taking observance into a place it should not go. And I WAS that person. It wasn’t like I was TRYING to overdo every single little thing. But also, my religion is a prescriptive one, and if you read the fine print, every though and intention from the moment you open your eyes until you fall asleep, every action is prescribed, depending on the hour of the day. Whoa, I gotta get back on topic here! So you can see from this that the habit definitely turned me into who I am. But I’ve bailed out and become a heretic who lives in a Gypsy caravan. More fun.

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    1. I’m definitely glad you found it interesting 🙂 and thanks for the amazing comment, it was a fun and insightful read! Your previous pattern of checking everything (again and again) sounds very full on, it’s great that you’ve decided to take your own swing on life. Hope you have lots of future fun with your gypsy caravan life and being a heretic – i’ve found being unique leads to various new thoughts and adventures. Have you had any particularly cool new adventures recently or in the past?
      Thanks, Ray


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